Tuesday, February 28, 2017

You Can't Hide From God

What's On My Heart Today... You Cannot Hide From God

"Can a man hide himself in hiding places so I do not see him?" declares the LORD "Do I not fill the heavens and the earth?" declares the LORD." Jeremiah 3:24

My friends, this is a chilling warning to all of us. If we won’t see and hear what God sets before us in His Word, the day will come when we won't be able to see it at all! How is it that we so often mistake His meaning, disregard His warnings, and distrust His sovereignty? "The Lord has established His throne in the heavens, And His sovereignty rules over all." (Psalm 103:19). I am amazed how advanced we see technology and how limited we see God. When the Bible says that no man is hidden from His sight, it is telling us that nothing that we do is hidden from God at any moment in time. My friend, this is not a time to turn your back on God. "Therefore, stay awake, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming. (Matthew 24:42). One day very soon, time will be no more. If you are not a believer...

What if your wrong?

"As surely as I live,' says the Lord, every knee will bow before me; every tongue will confess to God.' "So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God." Romans 14:12

Sweetest Blessings

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