Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What Does Kindness Look Like

“What is desirable in a man is kindness.” Proverbs 19:22

Do you know one character trait that is always appreciated? Kindness. Who doesn't appreciate kindness. Do you remember that old saying, "You Get More With Sugar Than With Vinegar?" This statement truly does have a measure of truth to it. How do you feel when someone is rude to you? If you are being truthful, you would probably say that it makes your entire day "Sour." We love to be the recipients of kindness, but we often forget to give it away. How did the kindness of God appear? The greatest, most complete picture of kindness was through the life of Jesus Christ. Kindness is a gentle demonstration of God’s grace to us, and it’s a powerful way to share His grace with others. Acts of kindness inspire us. There are people all around you who carry burdens, face difficulties, and need a touch from God. Kindness has a thousand faces. A simple act of caring and kindness creates an endless ripple. Be kind, and watch the blessings flow!

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