Monday, December 26, 2016

Need a Friend

"Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down His life for His friends." John 15:13

As women, most of us have a closest friend that we share almost everything with. Someone we call when we need advice, support and unconditional love. We place great value on these special friendships, taking care to nurture them so they will stand the test of time. But are you aware that there is someone else that is even more special that longs to be your friend? Does it ever occur to you to call Jesus when you need a friend? The friendship that matters most. After all, He gave His life for you, what friend would do that? Friendship is defined as “knowing the heart and sharing one’s heart with another.” Jesus wants to be your friend and share His heart with you. What better friend could you have? He is steadfastly loyal. He forgives your every fault. He will support and encourage you when you need it most, and He listens whenever you want to talk. He delights in you so much that He desires your companionship. Lean in close and contemplate the wondrous and beautiful truth that you are a friend of Jesus. He gave a gift few of us ever open... His friendship. Call Him the next time you need a friend and let Him hug you close to His heart.

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