Friday, March 3, 2017

Divine Forgiveness

What's On My Heart Today... "Divine Forgiveness"

"Blessed is the one whose transgressions are forgiven" Psalm 32:1

At certain times in our life don't we all struggle with forgiveness? It is a subject in which the bible is not silent. This is one of those areas that we allow the enemy to grab ahold, and disaster follows. Forgiveness will call each of us to reach deep within our heart for answers. Forgiveness was the central message of Jesus teachings. He showed us what a heart of forgiveness looked like. Wholehearted forgiveness is freely extended by a perfect and loving God to those who ask and repent. Even if you don't feel worthy of forgiveness, when you repent, you are forgiven by God. Do not believe otherwise. If you have unresolved forgiveness shadowing your heart, it really is as simple as abiding in the love of Jesus that will allow you to forgive others and yourself. Today God would say to you...

"Divine forgiveness is complete forgiveness"

Sweetest Blessings,