Thursday, December 1, 2016

My Dwelling Place

“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truthfulness.” John 4:24

There are so many days that I just plain feel tired. Tired of battling adversity, tired of making life changing decisions, tired of worrying about every little thing, tired of being tired. Every minute of every day, we can be in a battle. I have come to realize the necessity of having a sanctuary of peace, a place to go to when life presses in on me. A place without noise and distractions. Did you know that we have a quiet place that we can retreat to that is filled with the presence of God? It is a place deep within our Spirit. The deepest and most hidden part of our being. A quiet place where we can fellowship alone with Him. Today, if you are feeling stressed or burdened, I encourage you to find a quiet place to be alone with the One who dwells within your spirit. Retreat often to this sanctuary of peace, and you will find renewed strength there. It is in days like this that I am so thankful that life's abundances has no limits. God never leaves us to walk our journey alone.

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  1. I too get tired at times and I'm so glad that God understands and I can come to Him anytime and He refreshes my soul.