Thursday, September 1, 2016

Set Apart


"Know that the LORD has set apart the faithful for Himself..." Psalm 4:3

Do you know that you are very unique, “Set Apart" for God Himself? Daughters of the most High king. It is a priceless privilege, it is a call to belong, to be cherished, to enter into an intimate love relationship with God Himself. The godly woman is more than just a set of standard rules to live by. There is no perfection in us, but God puts his loving hands on our lives and guides us toward becoming the woman He wants us to be. It's a celebration of the wonderful things you can be if you seek the Lord and make Him the center of your life. No woman is more precious in the Lords sight than a godly woman. He sets such women apart in a special place in His heart. What a tremendous privilege to know that your life holds a special place in God’s heart!

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