Monday, January 9, 2017

It Is Well

"Is it well with you? Is it well with your husband? Is it well with the child?" " And she answered, "It is well." 2 Kings 4:26

We all have days that make us want to crawl back in bed and pull the covers up over our head. Right? We think that everything in our world should be perfect in order to be happy. If you settle into believing that your life isn't perfect because you have days that challenge you, you will never find peace. If you park your thoughts in the things that are wrong, you will never see the wonderful and lovely things that surround you. If your conversations are about the things that frustrate you, and never about the things that are beautiful and sweet, you will never find joy.

Will life ever be perfect? Of course not! It will come with days that will knock you to your knees and other days that will have you soaring through the clouds. It's all a crazy, exciting, and lovely mix of experiences that make up your life's journey. Life was designed to be one of joy and peace. Let me encourage you to stop looking at your life in a big picture.Train yourself to take one day at a time. Begin your day by looking into the face of God. Invite Him to walk out your day with you.Take control of your thoughts, prioritize your needs and soon, the pace of your life will slow enough for you to say, "It is well."

Sweet Blessings,

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