Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Mercy Me

"His mercies are new every morning" Lamentations 3:23

I often say "Mercy Me." Hum, I wonder, "What does this really mean?" Mercy in itself means; "Possessing a quality that has to do with compassion, forgiveness, and leniency.''  A good way to understand the meaning of mercy is to see how it relates to grace:

Mercy- Not getting what you do deserve / withheld punishment.
Grace - Getting what you don't deserve / unmerited favor

 Mercy may be given or received. We don’t grant mercy because we are more and someone else is less. We grant mercy because we have been granted mercy. No one is beyond the reach of receiving mercy. Mercy is God’s covenant of unconditional love for us. It covers us, supports us and sustains us, even when we fall. As believers, we are called to show mercy (love and compassion) to those around us, whether or not they deserve it. While I am often unworthy of mercy, I know that God's beautiful grace freely extends mercy to me. So, I say with a humble heart..."Mercy me!"

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