Women of the Bible

"Extraordinary Women of the Bible"

Greetings my beautiful sisters in Christ! Welcome to this in-depth, chronological, topical  Bible Study.

Jesus deeply loved women. In fact, women were among his dearest friends while He lived and walked among them. God loves women so much that He tells us that He cherishes us and calls us "His Beloved Daughters!"

Come and see how God enabled ordinary women to live extraordinary lives by turning their weaknesses into strengths, their sorrows into joy, and their despair into hope. Along the way, you will learn great truths about God Himself. You will see God's amazing transforming grace. For centuries women have inspired, enlightened, and empowered us. With their unadorned faith, the women of the Bible continue to teach us how to live authentic, God-touched lives. No matter what our spiritual traditions are, you can find yourselves in their stories. Let these stories encourage you, counsel you, and show you God's way to handle every day and every difficulty.

These amazing women are God's gift to you and me. You are a remarkable woman today just as those women were so many years ago. Your story will matter. How you choose to live will be your legacy to your journey with Christ.

Join me as we experience God's life-changing power as the women of the Bible experienced it. Throughout this Women in the Bible study, we will learn about how God used women in mighty ways. For each woman, we will take a hard look at:

1. Her place in God's divine plan
2. Her challenges along the way
3. Her victories
4. Lessons we can learn from her legacy

May God richly bless you as you look to Him and the extraordinary women in His Word for His timeless principles for living your life today!

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